The CONSORTIUM. "Where Knowledge and Profit are Shared"

Pronounced “Tee-con,” this is a group of specialty independent explorers, miners, traders, and crafters, reputed to produce some of the finest goods in the galaxy. TCON has successfully gathered some of the most skilled beings in their various fields, who thrive on their independence from giant corporate or governmental oversight. Essentially, a thriving small business incubator co-op.

Formed by Spiglord to be a community of like minded crafters--including all the vertically integrated trades to support that high-end crafting. Notable members include Bhin'der, Kilgore, Shariela, Harper, Jaden, Arsenic, Drekkin, Nibroc, Tymme, Lexi, Carynne, Bodrake, Proxus, Ki'lum, Acho, Leonagustus, Rahad, Ringo, Debrick, Sacha, Jack Quensis, and many more fine friends. No matter where you may find them, TCON members are surely helping each other succeed while enjoying themselves in exploring, hunting, gladiating, and crafting the best goods to be found. Look for the [TCON] logo.

TCON took defacto ownership of the nebula/starcluster known as "The Pocket." TCON makes their Headquarters and home there.


The Pocket, TCON's star cluster.