Squigglism is the unique art form created in the early 2000's by famous artist Stefan Duncan. It has been described as a new branch of post-impressionism and as Neo-Gogh.

Stefan studied the masters, especially Vincent Van Gogh. Taking inspiration from the swirl patterns Van Gogh experimented with at the end of his career, Stefan tightened the pattern up. It is akin to pointilism using tight swirls. Using the resulting squiggles as the basis for his paintings, Stefan created whole murals with the shape.

Stefan worked in the luminism art movement, bringing the light out from the darkness. His specific technique for enacting this was to use unblended colors, dipping his brushes directly in the tube of acrylic paint, and brushing bold strokes on the canvass. While the painting dried from one end to the other, he would switch to the next color to layer on and between the prior strokes and squiggles of color. He also learned to incorporate the human form into his works, painting the trunk of a tree to resemble to body of his model.

The recognized Stefan as "America's Van Gogh" due to his extension of Vincent's master work. A New York appraiser predicted that upon his passing, Stefans works would rocket to $100,000 to $250,000 or more at auction, many times their original sale values.

In 2016 Stefan was accepted into the exclusive New York ART Group™, a datapad app downloaded by1,000s of Collectors, New York Visitors, gallery owners as well as visitors to New York City, to find galleries, museums, art events and of course to browse artists and their artwork.

In March of 2017 Stefan traveled to Italy, recognized by ArtTour Magazine as among the top 60 contemporary artists in the world. Stefan made the cut there, and was acknowledged as one of the top 15 artists in the world.

Stefan's pinnacle work was titled "Lady in Red." Here he incorporated his three major themes of Squigglism, luminism, and the human form into one inspired painting. This signature style would dominate his imagination and work for the reamainder of his long productive life.

The Tarsis family, which saved mankind from a freezing Earth in the mid-21st century, ensured to save most of Duncan's works, along with most of old Earth 1.0's masterworks. The great Lady in Red is reputed to hang in the family room of the Tarsis estate, on planet Ceres inside Earth's orbit, Sol system.

Modern Artist Kangee connected with Ceres Tauri aboard Asteroid Valhalla in the Periphery sector. Ceres commissioned Kangee to "paint" his new starship Pegasus with a full mural befitting its namesake. Kangee was long schooled and attained mastery of the forms of squigglism. He worked with magnetic brushes on the photoreactive layer of skin of the starship.

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Stefan Duncan's masterwork Lady in Red.