Pano.Watermelon.Mtns.Dreamstime No.73475290(c)Yuliia Yurasova


Scouted by Jill St. Joss, planet Utilisol of Utilisol system was intended for resale. Jill went with a scientific, if generic name, knowing it would be renamed by the eventual colonists anyway. The key feature of this planet is the mineral rich crust of the central continents, though it also has vast tropical green spaces covered with simple proto-mosses, oceans filled with algae, and frozen polar caps. See below, the iconic holophoto of "Red Rockpile," an iron rich mountain, named by Jill's security drone, itself named Frisbee. This entire resource-rich region of the planet lays ready for mining and manufacturing operations. Indeed, the entire barren planet suggests settlers can move in and immediately terraform it to suit their needs.

Other planets in the system include a lush vegetation rich world close to the star with a long growing season, an ocean world ready for aquafarming or water collection, a frozen world of ice, and a medium-rated asteroid belt. Thus "Utilisol" system has something for every eventual need for the future of the colony. Despite the dry humor of her literalist naming scheme, Ms. Joss earned a record price, selling this system brief on the black market, brokered through TCON.