A "Super-Earth" planet in the Shambhala system, Nirvana hosts the capital of the Periphery Sector worlds, Shangri-La.

Planetary Administrator, the Gendün Lama, resides in Shangri-La. This religious leader dispenses proclamations based on a hierarchy of underlings who work out the details and monitor results of their decrees. The planet is a Theocracy, therefore. 

The last ten years have been difficult for the citizenry of Nirvana. The pirate gang called the Void Vikings raids each Periphery colony twice a year. They kidnap new victims for ransom or slavery, take whatever loot the raiders can carry, and collect tribute in the forms of food, supplies, and liquid assets. To prove their intent to do holocaust to get their way, the raiders have downed entire arcologies full of people in the past.

The Periphery Sector includes over 20 worlds at the far end of the Outer Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy.