Sweet little old lady, or titan of the galaxy?

A sweet loving grandmother who just happens to run the most powerful family in the galaxy, who conceived a decades long plan to guide her young grandson into the ultimate agent to find her kidnapped daughter- his mother- and exact revenge on those who dared take her

Don't let the sweet little smile fool you as it has so many. Grammy here can be compared to the tail that wags the dog of the whole galaxy. As the female head of the Tarsis household, Grandma Mary to Ceres, has enormous influence over the StarSys family business, and through her many well positioned children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and grands, etcetera etcetera.

When her youngest daughter Annemarie was taken over by a New Vegas husband, Mary ensured her daughter was quickly surrounded by friendly agents of the family business and security details. When things turned bad and her son in law abused her daughter, Mary sent the order out to extract her. She called her son, then an active Admiral in the galactic fleet, and ensured he was relieved of duties and sent on a personal mission to rescue his sister.

Grammy Mary of course took a high interest in her eldest grandchild, Ceres, fawning and favoring him from the first breath. When Annemarie was kidnapped, it was Mary who set out a long-term family plan for the grooming of Ceres into just the man to take revenge upon her kidnappers. Ceres blames his Uncle and Grandfather, but it was his Grammy pulling the quantum strings of his life all along.

Now that Ceres is grown, trained, experienced, and lethal, she sends him on his way to meet his father the hard way, and bring his mother back one way or another. 

Ceres never knew his grandmother was capable of such will. How hard will he work to prove to her he is capable, especially when the prize is the very life of his own beloved mother?