Poor pitiful abused waif, or strong woman conning everyone she meets including you?

An albino assassin who preys on men's strong attractions to her enhanced pheromones, who is abused by her master into seeming multiple personally disorders, who put the idea of kingship and Imperial dreams in his head, in the grand style of Shahrazad. She may find redemption when a female hero tries to convince her to turn on her abuser- king. Though she's broken at first due to incessant abuse she will become a strong enemy when she chooses her own path. 

Ka’ra Kriess is a Valkyrie. She describes herself as a recruiter, bringing worthy warriors up to the pirate base known as Valhalla. She is also an assassin for the Periphery pirate band, the Void Vikings, killing off those who see too much of the pirates base and then decline membership.

Whether Ka'ra is still a slave to Tyrian Tauri, or has earned her tenuous autonomy is unknown. Her overt job is contact for the Tauri family, keeping tabs on the whereabouts of Ceres’ father.