Drekkin Hart is a Tenublian, the alien Jelly-squid race from gas-giant planet Tenube. While most Tenublians are gifted in the careers surrounding genetics and cloning, Drekkin has dedicated four of his 6 brain lobes to mastery of robotics. Given the nickname "DH" by his Galactic Navy friend Ceres, Drekkin's motto is to "make new friends every day."

His other nickname being "Old Squid," DH has extended his time adventuring in the galaxy past when most mature Tenublians would have returned to their home planet for mating. An accident cut away his sixth and seventh tentacles and brain lobes, setting the old squid back a decade. He says he feels young again, but Ceres worries about getting his friend over his fear of risky adventures.

Ceres feels responsible for DH's setback since Ceres was the chief engineer aboard their starship where DH was his chief roboticist. DH blames himself, but Ceres too blames himself, for the shipboard accident.