Ceres T. Tauri is the heir to the galaxy's greatest fortune. Via his mother he is a member of the powerful Tarsis family, owners of the galaxy's first Megacorp, StarSys.

Now 25 years old, Ceres seeks news of his missing family. His father, Tyrian Tauri, was last seen shortly before Ceres was born. His mother was kidnapped when Ceres was 9 years old.

[*If you have any credible leads please report them immediately to your nearest Star Troopers office or WetNet node. Please note: intentionally thoughtcasting false leads can be disciplined under the Galactic Constitution and 6th Commandment.]

A graduate of the Merchant Marine Academy, Ceres has now served four years on active duty in the Merchant fleet. Now that this mandatory service time is up, he can begin his career of choice. On leave, he has set out in search of his mother.

Following leads provided by his family, Ceres set out towards the Periphery Sector planet of Nirvana. The entire galaxy awaits news of the return of its favorite sports superstar.

Will he go pro in the Gravity Ball Association? Will he go rogue, risking his life in the brutal rim sport of Slaughter Sphere? Will he return to a far more mundane life of Captaining starships around the Galactic's trade routes? Or will he take the helm of his multi-Trillionaire family's corporation? Or just return to the soft life of a playboy as he seemed to waste his free time during his academy years?

More young people today poll that they are more interested in gossip about who Ceres might marry, than pursuing speculation as to their own future mates. Stay connected to the WetNet for the latest news!