“Risk something or forever sit with your dreams.” —Coach Herb Brooks.

After 40+ years of passive Sci-Fi fandom, I finally decided I did not want to sit forever with my greatest dream. I have been blessed of late, to receive positive support, encouragement, and assistance to fulfill my lifetime dream of writing my book. 

It is now known: CERES 2525 is my novel. Mine. Now yours, too! The dream too. I pass it on to you: make your dreams come true, whatever they are. Write your book. Think BIG, you have to think anyway.

What happened to me is, these “what if” questions about the past and future of mankind have percolated in the back of my head for a long time, questions inspired by the genre, my contrarian nature, and my observations as I simmered through life. I needed to catch fire!

Then along the journey, I conceived of my own kind of heroic character. He is like my imaginary friend, and he tells me these crazy stories! I got excited thinking of him and how he would live in this speculated future of Earth I have imagined! I wrote it down. I told others, showed more still. They caught my enthusiasm for my character, my story. They encouraged me to share it with you, the reader, the sci-fi fan, the world! They got me fired up to write more!

So, my hero is a bit of a daredevil. He lives a fast-paced life of excitement. You should just hear all the things he gets himself into and out of in ways that I can’t even imagine… well, until I am in the middle of a sentence and he tells me how the sentence ends and how the story goes on. I feel like his biographer.

That is the most fun thing about writing, the discovery of fresh new things, unimagined a moment ago, that seem to come out of nowhere. 

Like, the time I wrote my imaginary friend here into a duel to save a redhead woman, from a space pirate who was much faster than him. He attacked that problem by… well, I’d better not spoil the surprise for you, but Act 1 is gonna blow you away too! 

I bet you catch the fire and have to see how it all ends! …or is that, begins? Yes!

-from the inside jacket of #Ceres2525

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