The Apostle Stars are a large Sector within the Galactic Confederation of Worlds. Formerly known as the Orion Arm, the entire region was granted exclusive colonization rights for the Orthodox Church. This was in thanks for the newly reunified church's first Apostle, who led the first Arcology Colony expedition away from Earth. This gave courage to billions of Earthers to follow.

Of the original 300 colonies, fully 100 were chartered as Orthodox Church colonies from the inception above Earth. The first was taken from parts around Rome, Italy, Europe, Earth 1.0 and included those deemed most loyal to the First Apostle. Subsequent colonies were founded with Earth origins in many of the most likely countries of Earth to find a higher percentage of practicing Christians. The Xardyons recruited them all.

The Apostle Stars are full member planets within the Galactic. Their planetary Constitutions are slightly modified from the norm, in that the Commandments take first precedence and are cited far more often as justification for the laws that follow.

Street Ministers. An unusual feature of everyday life in the Stars is, the presence of Street Ministers. These take the place and role of police in the Apostle Stars. They are likely to deliver a moral lecture when encountering a monor infraction. But make no mistake, tney are fully armed and armored more in the example of St. Peter, who is their patron.